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Salisbury Cathedral - oil on board - FOR SALE
Smuggler's View - SOLD
Luminous Dandelions - SOLD
summer days - oil on canvas - SOLD
End of the day - Oil on board SOLD
Getting wet!
A proposal painting! SOLD
The Pinnacles - Oil on board - FOR SALE
Chasing Shadows. Oil on board - FOR SALE
Old Harry - Oil on board - FOR SALE
Tracks - oil on board - SOLD
Blanket peace - oil on canvas - FOR SALE
The Flood - oil on board - SOLD
Beautiful Oxford countryside - SOLD
Misty morning in the Woodford valley - Oil on board - SOLD
Autumn light on the river - SOLD
Salisbury Cathedral - Chasing Light - SOLD
Pears - SOLD
Silver Light - SOLD
Landscape commission
Brittany Lights - SOLD